On the 11th September 2019 I made an announcement on Instagram and Facebook.


I want to Inspire one million people!

It is one thing to blurt something like this out into the world, but I am committed to act on it and find a way to achieve this vision.

Although it might be ambitious, it sure is achievable. On this page, you will find all the information, all my inpiration and the progress of this quest and journey.

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Next Steps

Define a goal to this vision with specifics, such as delay, measurability etc.

Create a plan with specific steps on how to achieve the goal.

The 4 pillars of Inspiration

1. Acting (Storytelling)

As an actor, I am able to tell inspiring stories through theatre plays and movies.

2. Sharing my quest (Storytelling)

By sharing my experience to inspire people with all the challenges and breakthroughs, I can inspire people to take action as well.


3. Coaching (Active Inspiration)

Next to my education as an actor, I attended several workshops on personal growth and I am working constantly on it by educating myself. Through coaching, I can teach other people what I've learned.


4. Social Media Quests (Active Inspiration)

Sometimes, it just takes little quests or challenges for people to make the first step towards fulfilling their dreams.